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Electrical BoP

Through other L&T group companies, L&T Power also offers electrical solutions on turnkey and supply basis. Offerings include:

  • Switchyards
  • Power block electricals
    • Generator transformer
    • Unit and station transformers
    • Isolated phase bus duct
    • Generator circuit breaker
    • Unit MV/LV switchgear and SPBD
    • Unit cabling, tray and support structures
    • Unit illumination system
    • Unit above ground earth mat/risers
    • Unit DC system (battery and battery chargers)
    • Unit emergency power (DG/UPS)
  • Electrical BoP
    • Station switchgear, SPBD
    • Service transformers, non SPBD's
    • BoP - MV / LV switchgear
    • Main interplant, cabling HT/LT
    • Main route pipe/cable rack, cable trays plant illumination system, area Illumination
    • Roads/peripheral lighting
    • Plant earthing and lightning protection
    • Individual plant PCC/ MCC, sub DB's AC variable speed drives
    • Complete plant instrumentation works


  • Experience of over three decades in chimney design and Construction
  • Successfully commissioned 40 chimneys with varied heights and flue material
  • Successfully commissioned five chimneys with height of 275m

Cooling Towers

L&T Power offers rich experience spanning over 2 decades in designing and execution of cooling towers. We specialise in both, Induced Draft Cooling Tower (IDCT) and Natural Draft Cooling Tower (NDCT), and successfully commissioned cooling towers with capacity of over 400,000m3/h in capacities varying from 600m3/h to 65,000m3/h.

Water System

L&T Power, through Water Systems Division of L&T group, also offers comprehensive solutions in water systems. We offer turnkey solutions in:

  • Water intakes and transmission
  • Pre-treatment plants
  • Desalination systems
  • Ultrafiltration systems
  • DM plants
  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Waste water management systems